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KSM Compilation 1! Summer edition. Kaseta music is one year old! Happy birthday! And this occasion we would like to present you our birthday compilation! As a little reminder; Kaseta music is a label founded in BIH a year a ago. Our main artists, greatest pride are Sinisa Lukic and Igor Krsmanovic. Both our producers left huge mark on world electronic scene. Sinisa's tracks were charted by great DJ's like Umek, Marko Nastic, Valentino Kanzyani, Sinisa Tamamovic, John Digweed and many more. And about Igor Krsmanovic is enough to say that his track is being played by Marco Carola and Sebastian Leger. And we don't want to forget our other artist without Kaseta Music would not be what it is today, a unique label with a distinctive style, and they are: Delano, Dandi & Ugo, Kobaya, Giorgos Gatzigristos, Edy C., Danny Lilwall, Antrax, Andreja Z, Misha Smykk, Ron Costa, Sunshine & Moore, Hernan Bass, Juan carlos Herrera, Fusedform, Tex-Rec, Sasa Radic, Khuram, Miroslav Pavlovic, Two dude, Sami Wentz and last but not the least Echnox. Thank you all guys!!

Speaking of artists, on this compilation we are presenting some new artists,on our label , along side with Glorio Veztacci, Jan Nemecek, Paul Hazendonk, Furrr, BlazV, D.Granha, and gentlemen are the following: Luka Jakir, Adis, Mr. Maiki, MIcroCheep & Mollo, Fedja Knajdl, DJ Royce, Daniel Greenx, Carlo Astuti and a lady called Jaccy. Release date for this compilation is 31/08/2009 on all digital stores.

Track List : Kaseta Music Compilation 1 / KSM020

1 Adis - Tandrra (Original mix)
2 Anderja Z - Where is Kasandra (Original mix)
3 Delano - Minimax (D. Grahana remix)
4 Jan Nemecek - Champagne Conga (Original mix)
5 Sinisa Lukic - Tribe (Furrr & Hazendonk's Melomane Remix)
6 Luka Jakir - Jungle (Original mix)
7 Miroslav Pavlovic - Subway (Original mix)
8 Mr.Maiki - Unexpected (Original mix)
9 Two Dude - China (Original mix)
10 Glorio Veztacci - Sviraj Cigo (Original mix)
11 Carlo Astuti - High Hopes (Original Mix)
12 Tex-Rec - Uno (Original mix)
13 Jaccy - Dance with us (Original mix)
14 MIcroCheep & Mollo - Abstract Shell (Original mix)
15 Igor Krsmanovic - Papichula (Original mix)
16 DJ Royce - Control (Original mix)
17 Daniel Greenx - 2 you (Original mix)
18 Sasa Radic - 21122012 (Original mix)
19 Sinisa Lukic - Another Junk (Original mix)
20 BlazV - Whalitos (Original mix)
21 Fedja Knajdl - Bogota (Original mix)
22 MTHF - She is gone (Sinisa Lukic remix)
23 DJ Mistake - Marshat (Original mix)

New music, same old good vibrations! Thanks to all our fans!!!
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